Alone in bed


The world outside is cold, unforgiving. It is also full of things and people, waiting to be explored.


Some thoughts

Was all the hurt worth it? Did it make you better? Did you come out strong and smiling? My friend, there are so many questions. Deep inside your heart, the pain turns into stones. Tiny pebbles that lay damp and cold. You may never be able to pick them up and throw them away, one by one. But I believe you can learn to live with the weight of what you have done, and what you have failed to do. There is so much more in store for what is to be, than what has been. In the end, stones will turn into boulders, and what better foundation for a new beginning than one that is solid?


Anino niyo’y, anino ko

Sa liwanag at dilim

Kasiyahan niyo’y kasiyahan ko

Sa puso’y nakadiin

Kung ako ma’y mawala

Sa paroroona’y dadalhin

Ang biyaya ng kapatid

Ang tunay na pag-ibig

Romancing the Classics

The Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra

From left to right: Ricson Poonin (trombone), Herminigildo Ranera (conductor) and Manuel P. Maramba, OSB (Composer of Symphonic Ode “La Naval”)

The Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra. Talented and gifted people.

A good way to enjoy a Friday night is by basking in the glory of the classics; timeless pieces that have so much to offer through their beauty and splendor.

The fifth concert of their 35th season,  they performed the following:

Symphonic Ode “La Naval” by M. Maramba OSB

Trombone Concertino in E Flat by F. David

Symphony No. 6 in B Minor “Pathetique” by P. I. Tchaikovsky

Music is such a wonderful thing. It grows. It shapes. It changes.

When you dream…

I look upon the sky

I hope you do so too

And see the clouds above us

And see them as I do

I look upon the sky

And hope for better days

May grace fall free upon you,

A thin smile on your face

I look upon the sky

And bid the birds goodbye

For their voyage, ever long

They will come to you in time

I look upon this sky

And tears flow ever freely

The depths within my heart

As great as the sky above me

The city is growing fast, its people moving even faster. Too fast, sometimes. The everyday bustle outgrows the little peace we have left in ourselves. Peace which constantly reminds us who we truly are.



Tomorrow is a new beginning, and we are blessed to have made it this far in our lives. Others were not given the chance to see the beauty of the future. There is so much to look forward to, so much to experience, so much to savor. And to live it all means to accept it, and keep moving forward. Happy new year!

For Someone

By the doors, I wait

For you, alone

With heavy gait

And love unknown


I wait for you

In loving dreams

Below the moon

By stars unseen


I wait for you

Like lovers do

When faith has died

And love runs dry


I wait for you

With all my heart

From a bitter end

to a better start

On people and their stories

Walking across a supermarket, I see people in different directions. It makes me wonder: behind all those faces, who are they? What are their stories? What brought them to where they are? How many of them carry burdens? How much do they need to survive? How do they live?

And who am I, to consider myself special? The answer is, we all are.